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'''Brøderbund Software, Inc.''' was an United States|American maker of video games, educational software and productivity tools. Brøderbund is best known for the 8-bit computer game hits ''Choplifter'', ''Lode Runner'', ''Karateka (video game)|Karateka'', and ''Prince of Persia'' (all of which originated on the Apple II), as well as ''The Print Shop''—originally for printing signs and banners on dot matrix printers—and the ''Myst'' and ''Carmen Sandiego'' games. The company was founded in Eugene, Oregon, and moved to San Rafael, California, then later to Novato, California."[ About Broderbund]." Brøderbund. April 12, 1997. Retrieved on June 3, 2011. "Brøderbund Software, Inc. 500 Redwood Blvd. Novato, California 94948" Brøderbund was purchased by The Learning...
LogoFile:Broderbund logo.svg|250px
SuccessorThe Learning Company
LocationEugene, Oregon
San Rafael, California
Novato, California
Key peopleDoug Carlston
Gary Carlston
Cathy Carlston Brisbois
Edmund Auer
ProductsComputer software and video games
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